Brief History


        The Geography Section of the Cluj Napoca Branch of the Romanian Academy was founded on the 1st of October 1947, by the “magister” of the Cluj Geographical school, Professor Tiberiu Morariu. He has actually been head of the department until 1973, when he retired.

        In these 25 years, he passed on to his disciples the know-how of rigorous fundamental analysis and practical application, the section becoming a veritable breeding ground for the formation and assertion of eminent Transylvanian geographers (Ion Mac, Victor Sorocovschi, Nicolae Ciangă, Wilfried Schreiber, Ion Popescu Argeşel, Maria Călinescu, Aurel Maier, Petru Dan Idu, Jozsef Benedek).



Fields of Research


        It the nearly six decades of existence of the Geography Section, its members have conducted research in physical, human and regional geography focusing on the Transylvanian area, especially on the Transylvanian Basin, the Apuseni Mountains, Easthern Carpathians and Banat Mountains. The diversity of covered areas increased from specific phenomena of physical geography (geomorphology, hydrology) to complex analysis of population, settlements, ethnography, tourism and economy, planning and organizing the geographic space.

        Some of the research topics have had important scientific impact, reflected in the amount of studies published in national and international journals. They later became the theme of PhD theses such as:

            Transylvanian Subcarpathians between Mureş and Olt-Geomorphological Study (Ion Mac)

            The Hydrography of the Târnave Plateau (V. Sorocovschi)

            Tourism in the Eastern Carpathians (N. Ciangă)

            Grazing in the Northern Group of the Eastern Carpathians (Peter Dan Idu)

            Harghita Mountains. Geomorphological study (W. Swchreiber)

            Population and Settlements in the Someş Plateau (A. Maier).

            GIS Implementation of the Slope Floods Modeling. Case Studies from Someşul Mic Basin (St Bilaşco)

            The Study of Reservoirs from the Upper Basin of Crişul Repede (Cs. Horvath)

        All of these papers were published, some under the aegis of the prestigious Academy Publishing House, and three of them were awarded the “Simion Mehedinţi” and "Gheorghe Munteanu-Murgoci" Prize of the Romanian Academy (W. Schreiber, N. Ciangă and St. Bilasco's thesis).

        A substantial contribution was made to the development of the RSR atlas, of the Romanian Geography Treaty and other reference studies and approaches. The geomorphology, hydrology, population and settlements, tourism and territorial organization and planning studies are particularly valuable.

        Between 2002 and 2008 the Geography Section of the Cluj Branch of the Romanian Academy conducted a multi-oriented scientific research, both in fundamental investigations and practical applications. Research topics (including contracts with different partners, from the social or economic environment) and the members’ publications come as a proof of this fact.

        The team has had a prosperous collaboration with the Faculty of Geography from the Babeş-Bolyai University, from common research topics to the joint organization of scientific events. Relations with the Geography Institute of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, whose scientific and logistical patronage has always been beneficial, have strengthened. Collaboration with similar institutes in Hungary, Germany, Moldova, Austria, etc. are currently initiated.