Research topics


    Between 2002 and 2009, the Geography Section of the Cluj Branch of the Romanian Academy had four themes in its research plan:

                    1. The Huedin Depression Geographical Study (2002)

                    2. Geomorphological and hydrological hazards during periods with excessive rainfall in the north-west of the Transylvanian Depression. (2003 2004)

                    3. Rural tourism and second homes in the Apuseni Mountains. Upper basins of the Someşu Mic and Arieş. (2003-2004)

                    4. Cluj County Development Plan. Sector Study: Tourism (Contract with Cluj County Council 2005)

                    5. Updating the urban plan of the Turda and Turenilor Gorges protected areas (Beneficiary: Cluj County Council 2007)

                    6.CNCSIS Contract:  The Estimate of the Weaknes Rural Setting in Someş Tableland out of Natural and Human Hazards for Suitable Development (2010-2011).

    In addition, the members have collaborated in the preparation of CNCSIS grants (8) and research projects (5) conduced under the aegis of the Faculty of Geography, among which PATIJ (Territorial Plan of Organization for Inter-county Contact Areas), PATR (North West Region Territorial Planning), PATZ (Territorial Planning for Bistriţa Suburban Zone) where P. Cocean, N. Ciangă , V. Sorocovschi and W. Schreiber brought their decisive contributions.